Authorized Sellers/Distributor

To ensure that our customers are receiving original Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., products, we have established Authorized Sellers and a Distributor. The Barrye Harmon Company through its publishing division TKBLIFE Press, is the only manufacturer and distributor of Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., products.

There are only Four (4) authorized sellers liable to sell Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., products: The Barrye Harmon Company, Barrye Harmon Ministries, The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ Store, and Barrye Harmon Leadership Academy.

Because of the variety of, and readily available e-commerce software along with todays internet technology, anyone can open an e-commerce store and begin selling merchandise. And because of this technology, we have discovered Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., products being sold in online bookstores, and on by another company selling Barrye’s products as Used products.


Actual case: Barrye J. Harmon Sr’s God’s Kingdom Principle of Marriage Book, was being sold by a certain company at the places mentioned above for $79.99 as a Used book. The Barrye Harmon Company’s list price for this product brand new is $8.00.

The Barrye Harmon Company does not, and will never sell its products as used. God’s word is timeless and has no expiration date, so therefore, it cannot be sold as Used. We do however, discount merchandise to offer savings to our customers.

  • Unauthorized Returns

To ensure that you are receiving new and original products, only purchase from our authorized sellers or distributor. If you purchase Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., products from a non-authorized seller, and it has a defect in or with the product or you are having shipping problems and the product(s) need to be returned, only purchase Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., products from an authorized seller or distributor. We will not accept any products for refunds, replacements or returns purchased from unauthorized sellers.

  • Warranties / Guarantees

We offer no guarantees and warranties of products purchased from unauthorized sellers.

* See Return Policy

This is a Legal Notice.