“You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny!”  Psalm 73:24 NLT

The Barrye Harmon Company

The Barrye Harmon Company is the Christian Speaking, Publishing, Broadcast, Music, Recording, Film, Media, Print, Production, Training, Development, and Distribution Firm for all products, projects, sermons, and services, created and developed by Barrye J. Harmon, Sr. The Barrye Harmon Company is the manufacturer, publisher, and distributor of all products and services for Barrye J. Harmon, Sr.

God’s Kingdom Purpose

Our Products, Services, and The Kingdom Learning System™ developed by God, are designed to help develop, establish, expand, and to train Individuals, Local Groups, Veteran Groups, Churches, Ministries, Businesses, and Organizations of all sizes, and their leadership for The Kingdom of God! Barrye teaches God’s Kingdom Principles & Christian Business skills through The Kingdom Learning System™ Program.

Start Now

Start living the life that God has created and ordained for you to live, by having Barrye help you develop a plan to begin achieving victories in your Life, Ministry, Business, Community, and Organization. Jesus has already created the rich and satisfying life for you…now it’s time to learn how to live it!  To have Barrye begin working with you or your organization…Click Here.